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Free cash just for driving safe

We're not joking, check our reviews on the app store. Simply run our app, drive, don't touch your phone, and you might receive an email from PayPal saying we sent you cash.

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Drive Alive's Features Click on a feature to get more information.

  • Feature 1

    Unlock your phone

    - Our app only monitors your phone.

    - You can choose to close it while driving if you want (but lose credit).

    - Notifications are NOT suppressed.

    - We do NOT store any location information without your permission.

  • Feature 2

    Create your own rewards

    - Parents can entice their kids into driving safely.

    - Teachers can give up their premier parking spot to a lucky student who drives safe.

    - Reward possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

  • Feature 3

    Lightweight and Private

    - Our app is ~1.5Mb (compare that to your favorite apps, it's TINY).

    - Downloads fast, loads instantly after turning it on.

    - Users can choose what safe driving info to share with the public.

  • Feature 4

    Full Transparency

    - Login and see what trips you failed and why.

    - See how we calculate your driver level.

    - Were not shy, see our company wide stats below.

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